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Dark Cave Zip Line: New Route, New Adventure

Toi Cave is a world-renowned cave system because of its dark and mysterious environment, thus the name Dark Cave. But recently, it has gained even more interest with the introduction of a 400-meter zip line that serves as a new route to the famous tourist destination.


Since August of this year, trial runs have been carried out to test and regulate the new service. Around 60-80 people joined the exercise, mostly foreigners, whose safety was of utmost concern by making sure they were securely strapped in belts and harnesses and guided all throughout by three local climbers hired by the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center which manages the Dark Cave.

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The zip line ride offers an amazing view of the Chay River, dense forests and limestone mountains as it passes over it before reaching the entrance of the Dark Cave. From there, visitors can take a boat ride to enter the cave itself. Inside, they will be even more astonished at the dark but mysterious and overall beauty of the cave. Stalactites and stalagmites sparkle throughout, perhaps serving as the only light in the otherwise dark atmosphere. There are also cool ponds and muddy groves which the visitors can bathe in.


Toi (Dark) Cave was stumbled upon between 1990 and 1992 by members of the British Cave Research Association. It is considered one of the most ancient cave systems in Central Vietnam. Located around 20 kilometers from Phong Nha Cave, it is 5.3 kilometers long and 80 meters high.


Guests taking the zip line can up their experience even more by requesting to be released to the river, making their visit to the Dark Cave not only dark and mysterious but fun, memorable and beautiful all in all.

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