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Con Vanh: Saving Nature Beautifully

Con Vanh is an ecological tourism site which is a favourite tourist attraction because of several things: spectacular seven-kilometre long beach line, diverse mangrove forest, and cheap prices. The last part may be the determining factor, but the place is truly a natural masterpiece worthy of appreciation. Especially from April to July, visitors can fully breathe in the beauty of Con Vanh.

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Unlike other tourist destinations, Con Vanh has maintained its cleanliness and safety through time because the residents themselves are genuinely concerned of their environment. They diligently follow cleanliness regulations, even encouraging foreign visitors to report to the proper authorities any incident of unhygienic food and diners. There is a proper system of garbage collection. In fact, students volunteer to pick up garbage even on weekends.

Aside from cleanliness, the locals are also extra cautious about safety. As such, the government continuously send out precautionary measures especially to visitors to use life buoys when swimming and to bathe only in safe areas. A motor boat is provided in case of rescue operations. Regular trainings are also conducted for updated safety counters and procedures.

More than a tourist site, Con Vanh is primarily a nature reserve, located in the wetland district of Tien Hai. In fact, it was recognized as a Ramsar site in 1995. Tien Hai Wetland Nature Reserve works hand in hand with Xuan Thuy National Park in Nam Dinh Province in preserving national and international biodiversity. The two sites create a significant role in the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve, itself an UNESCO-acknowledged world biosphere reserve in 2004.

Con Vanh is therefore an ideal place for vacationers because not only is it rich in natural beauty, it also plays an important part in saving the environment.



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