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Cao Bang: Discovering the Mystery and Beauty of the Bat Cave

If you’re a trekking enthusiast or a cave explorer, Dong Doi Cave in Cao Bang Province is an excellent quencher for one’s thirst for adventure. Referred to as “Ca Khao” meaning “bat” by the locals, the cave is 930 metres in depth; 60 metres – 80 metres in height; and located in a dense forest and rocky formations, perfect for those who love the outdoors.

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The so-called “Bat Cave” is specifically located at Dong Doi, Ha Lang District, Cao Bang Province. At the entrance itself, one will already be in awe as nature prepares a welcome party of enchanting sunlight, flocks of butterflies, lovely wild flowers, lush trees, and even the traditional stilt houses of the Tay and Nung people at a distance. The cave itself is inside a limestone mountain range with a one-of-a-kind tectonic structure and majestic stalactites all throughout. There are three chambers and two levels separated by rocks and cliffs.

In the first chamber, there is a spring with crystal clear waters, big colourful rocks and magnificent stalactites. Although only 4 metres high, the beauty more than makes up for it. During the rainy season, water in this area can reach up 0.5 metres deep and 2 metres wide.

Going further into the second chamber will reveal more stalactites which look like a magical terraced field. Thus, the local name “The Fairy’s Field.” The area is 200 metres long with a sandy surface.

The third chamber is 300 metres into the cave, referred to as the core. There are two levels, the first one the bigger one with 10,000 square metres in area and 80 metres in height. There is a unique rock formation which brings mystery to this part of the cave. The reach the second level, one has to climb a 10-metre high rock cliff. The second level itself is about 60 metres high and is said to resemble a half moon. It also has a terraced rock field in the centre and stalactites adorning both the ceiling and the ground. At the end is a clump of sparkling golden rocks which secure the ceiling.

Being in the cave is like being transported to another world of magic, mystery and pure beauty. One has to be there himself in order to fully breathe in and live the experience. And as though that’s not enough, within the area are other popular tourist spots worth visiting: Ba Be Lake, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Nguon Ngao Cave.



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