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Can Tho: 10th Most Beautiful Canal City In The World

Can Tho in Mekong Delta has been named as the 10th most beautiful canal city in the world according to the Mysterious World Website.

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Based on the prestigious website, the canal was recognized as such because of its impressive system of canals and rivers. This was a crucial factor in its selection considering waterways have been significant in developing the transportation sector throughout history as exemplified by Venice, Birmingham and Giethoorn whose canal networks are known all over the world for being naturally remarkable.

The city’s total waterway length is 1,157 kilometres. The Hau River is the largest branch of the Mekong River and runs along the North section of the city. The floating markets are considered one, if not the major, tourist attraction in the city because aside from displaying all the local goods there for tourists to see and try, they actually serve as a cultural element for visitors to discover and appreciate about the place.

The list of the most beautiful canal city in the world is as follows beginning with number one: Venice, Italy; Birmigham, England; Giethoorn, Netherlands; Suzhou, China; Alleppey, India; Stockholm, Sweden; Bruges, Belgium; Bangkok, Thailand; and Cape Coral, U.S.A.

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