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A Heartwarming Scene During the Tet Holiday

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The Tet Lunar New Year Holiday is a time of family reunions and joyous celebration. But amidst the festivity, a mother and her child go about their usual ways like it’s any ordinary day, and it unknowingly caught the eye of a stranger and eventually the hearts of people all over the world.

Ho Hai Hoang was enjoying the third day of the Lunar New Year on February 10 when he saw a street cleaner sweeping the street of fallen leaves and tagging along her small daughter wearing an adorable red dress with a pink coat over it who seemed to be happy helping her mother sweeping and pushing the cart. Hoang took several pictures of the mother and daughter who didn’t seem to care about all the opulence going on because they were only focused about being with each other. He posted them on the internet and it went viral almost right away.

Truong Thi Thom is a 28-year old mother who was separated from her husband and works as a street cleaner. They have two children, an eight-year old son and a five-year old daughter named Trang who they leave to the care of her former husband’s parents while they work in Hanoi. On that particular day, she decided to take Trang along to work because she was not allowed to have a long holiday break and it was the only way she could spend more time with her daughter. Trang was more than happy to be with her mother, even helping her sweep the street even when the broom was obviously bigger than her. She also merrily pushed the cart full of leaves even though it was heavy for her.

Thom was shocked when she learned that someone found them interesting in the first place and even took pictures of them and especially that it became a hit on the internet, but she was very thankful to everyone for showing that kind of love to her and her daughter.

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